What kind of cat litter?

Which litter is the best for the cat? It all depends on what you care most about and what the preferences of the cat are. Check which cat litter will be the best choice for you.

Bentonite litters

Efficient, universal and cost-effective. Learn more about the most popular cat litter

Corn litters

Friendly for the cat and the environment. Biodegradable. Get to know it

Wood litters

Clumping or non-clumping litters produced from coniferous trees. Check the details

Silicone litters

Extremely absorbent crystals that lock odor and liquid in their structure. Read how they work.

What cat food?

Cats require a balanced and complete food that provides all the necessary nutrients and energy. The choice of food is therefore very important. Check what foods you can give to your cat.

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Wet food

The high meat content, the highest quality of the ingredients used and an especially developed process of manufacturing Super Benek foods guarantees both a wholesome meal and excellent taste.

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Dry food

Dry food under the brand of Benek Super Strong&Healthy Cat is a guarantee of a balanced diet for any cat. Thanks to a properly selected composition and functional additives cats receive a wholesome meal. Read more about the properties of these foods.

Cat care products

Do you need to bathe your cat?

The cat is one of the cleanest animals. It can spend hours taking care of its hair, yet despite that there are situations in which it needs the help of its owner. At that time, Super Benek products, which have been created with cats and their health in mind, come with help.

Cat care products

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Corn litter has very good clumping properties, and its another big advantage is that in contact with large quantities of water it breaks down to form a suspension. Due to this, if you throw a single clump to the toilet, it will not clog the drain and not cause failure. Corn is a natural material, so after disposal it does not leave any toxic substances. Therefore, this cat litter can be disposed of in the toilet, but before that, please refer to the local regulations on waste disposal through the plumbing system.
Almost every cat happens to snack on cat litter. If this is incidental, there is no reason for concern, while if it happens often, regularly, you should consider the causes. They can be behavioral: boredom, a desire for attention as well as health-related: anemia, deficiency of vitamins or minerals. Young cats more often than adult cats snack on the litter from the litter box because it is their way of discovering the world. If your cat frequently eats litter, please contact your veterinarian. It is also worth considering changing your litter to the corn litter, which is made of natural ingredients and which does not clump in the digestive system of the cat.
Did your cat stop eating its food? Is your kitten ready for the transition to adult cat food? Did your vet recommend a change of diet? There are many reasons why your cat needs to change its food. How to do this? Most importantly, act slowly. The digestive system needs to get used to the new food. Start by adding the new food to the currently used food gradually. At the beginning, replace, for example, 20% of food with the new one, and every 2-3 days gradually increase its share. It is important that you especially closely watch your cat during these days - whether it has an appetite, how its droppings have changed and whether it is apathetic or overly excited.
Cats and dogs are different from each other, and therefore have different nutritional needs. If once in a while your cat or dog happens to eat from its friend’s bowl, nothing will happen. But regular consumption of dog food by a cat can lead to negative consequences for its health. Cats, unlike dogs, need to be fed a food containing taurine, because their body does not have the ability to produce this amino acid. The cat is a typical carnivore, the dog has a greater need for carbohydrates, therefore there may be a higher percentage of vegetables in its food than in a food for cats. There are more differences, that is why it is worth buying a food dedicated to a particular animal in order to properly care for the health of your pet.
Very often the cause of vomiting is residual hair in the stomach, which gets there when the cat licks its hair. Vomiting of this kind is natural and healthy - it helps cleanse the digestive tract of the pet. Other causes of vomiting in cats can be: too rapid change in food, feeding the cat too large portions of food, feeding table scraps, food poisoning, digestive diseases or parasitic infections. If vomiting does not occur more often than once every few weeks and is not accompanied by any other symptoms, there are no reasons for concern. However, it is necessary to visit the vet if your cat suffers from other symptoms in addition to vomiting, such as: apathy, lack of appetite, diarrhea or if the vomiting is frequent and severe.
There are various reasons for urinating outside the litter box. First of all, you should go to the vet to verify whether the cat suffers from a health problem, such as, for example, urinary tract inflammation or feline lower urinary tract disease. Other possible causes include: marking territory, rivalry between cats, stress (e.g. the appearance of a baby at home), reproductive readiness, intolerance to litter, a dirty litter box or a litter box placed in a wrong place (some cats need an intimate place to urinate and young cats should have their litter box close to the place where they play).

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