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The manufacturer of the Super Benek brand is Certech, a company that has been operating for over 25 years in the pet industry, offering customers the highest quality products that each day help to comprehensively care for the health and well-being of your pets.
At the moment, the following products can be found under the Super Benek brand:

  • cat litters (bentonite, wood, corn, silica gel)
  • neutralizers and odor-absorbers,
  • wet food,
  • dry food,
  • care products (shampoos for cats, oral care liquids, training preparations)
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All started with cat litters...

The Super Benek bentonite litter is the most recognizable product in our offer. When 25 years ago its production started, the main objective was to ensure high quality at every stage of production, so that the final product meets consumer demands. Thanks to this assumption and its daily pursuit, now the bentonite litter is so valued by cat owners. Technologists, quality inspectors and laboratory technicians supervise the production process on a daily basis. What is important is that activity of this entire team is not limited to control. They are also striving to develop products that will address the problems and requirements of customers. That is why the line of Benek bentonite litters features so many varieties and types of litters: standard, economic, compact, optimum, shaggy for long-haired cats, unscented and scented.

Super Benek litters are not only bentonite products. The offer also includes the following types of litter:

  • wood,
  • silica gel,
  • corn.
Each of these products was designed to answer the needs of a particular group of cat owners. And so, in the case of bentonite litters, the most important factor before the product is handed over to the customer is the check of the quality and functional characteristics of the litter. We know how difficult it is to find a product that is most suitable for your cat in a multitude of information and products, so we are systematically expanding our range of products to ensure that cat owners can find products checked and produced by a well-known and respected company.

Super Benek has already introduced to its offer neutralizers and odor-absorbers, litter box cleaning powders as well as dry and wet food and care products for cats.

Jakość produktów super benek

Top quality

It is not only the compliance with the implemented quality management systems (ISO:9001, GMP, HACCP), but above all, listening to the comments and suggestions of our customers who use our products on a daily basis and know exactly what is important to improve the quality and performance of our products.

Jakość produktów super benek

Team of experts

People who work every day with passion and commitment, and most importantly, with adequate education, to make Super Benek top products in the pet market and meet the needs of cat owners.

Jakość produktów super benek

Professional support

We are at your disposal and we encourage you to contact us with any questions about our products or the health of your four-legged friends. We also encourage you to read our posts on the blog, where we share our knowledge and experience.

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