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Cat litter

made of bentonite

Advantages and basic information

Clean litter box for longer

The bentonite litter clumps quickly and permanently. Clumps do not adhere to the box and are easy to remove

It absorbs unpleasant odors well

Thanks to the properties of bentonite, the cat litter is great at absorbing odors, so there is no problem even if you keep the litter box in small rooms

Efficient and cost-effective

Bentonite litters are available in almost every store at relatively low prices. Only clumps need to be removed, thanks to which litter in the box lasts longer.

Bentonite litter – what is it?

Bentonite litter is one of the most popular types of litter used in cat litter boxes. It looks like sand or gravel (depending on the grain size). It is made of bentonite – a very characteristic sedimentary rock. Why bentonite? Because it is characterized in that, after proper processing, it can absorb large amounts of liquid and volatile compounds. It clumps perfectly.

Properties of bentonite litter

The bentonite cat litter has gained popularity due to its ability to absorb liquids and unpleasant odors. It is great at clumping, making it easy to remove contaminated clumps from the litter box without replacing the entire substrate.. It is appreciated also because of the good absorption of odors, and therefore no need for replacing it every day. It provides good antimicrobial protection. It is very efficient and easy to clean because bentonite in contact with cat feces creates clumps that are easy to remove.

Who the bentonite cat litter is intended for?

For those who value convenience– no need to replace it every day, only contaminated litter needs to be removed. For owners of more than one cat – the bentonite litter is great at absorbing odors, it is very efficient.

For those who appreciate high quality for a reasonable price.

Which bentonite cat litter to choose?

When choosing litter, pay attention to the granulation. Finer litters are more efficient than those with coarser grains and are characterized by a lower susceptibility to sticking to the bottom of the litter box while the latter are easier to clean. Another selection criterion may be the scent. You can find natural litters, without addition of perfume compositions, as well as scented litters. You can also pay attention to additives reinforcing properties of bentonite, e.g., antimicrobial substances. It is also worth mentioning mixed litters, which include both fine and coarse fractions, so they combine the advantages of the other two types.

Super Benek COMPACT

Available scents: natural, sea breeze, lavender, citrus freshness Information: A fine-grained litter, thanks to which it is extremely efficient and absorbent. By agglomerating, it forms compact, regular clumps. It does not adhere to the litter box. Recommended for busy, young cats.

Super Benek STANDARD

Available scents: natural green forest, lavender, citrus freshness Information: The cat litter is characterized by regular grains (2 – 5 mm), which provides greater protection from spreading litter outside the litter box. It effectively absorbs odors as well as liquids. To improve its performance characteristics, it is good to use with this litter absorbers or neutralizers, which prevent sticking of litter to the litter tray. Recommended especially for tomcats.

Super Benek OPTIMUM

Available scents: natural, green tea, Galapagos Information: this series of cat litters is a combination of high absorbency and cleaning convenience. The pellets in the litter are of different sizes: smaller ensure high absorbency, while larger grains provide protection against spreading litter.


Available types: balls, rollers Information: bentonite litters from the Exclusive line are products, which, thanks to the modern form of smooth pellets, provide excellent performance characteristics and protection against spreading litter outside the litter box. Balls are regular, spherical pellets, while Extra-mix is a cat litter based on Balls enriched with compact silica gel. Like all Super Benek litters, they clump, perfectly absorb moisture and unpleasant odors.

Super Benek SHAGGY

Available scents: natural and lavender Information: long-haired cats need litters that do not stick to their coat, which is why, specially for them, but not only, we created a series of Shaggy litters, whose coarse grains (0.5-5 mm) with a smooth surface stay in the litter box and not on the cat’s hair. This litter is recommended for all those who want to reduce the spread of litter outside the litter box. In addition, the litter packet comes with a pouch of Super SORB, which improves performance – increases absorption of liquids and odors and reduces the adhesion of the used litter to the bottom of the box.


Information: an antimicrobial cat litter manufactured from high purity raw materials. White pellets form shapely clumps. The packet comes with a pouch of antimicrobial and refreshing powder, which neutralizes unpleasant odors and inhibits the growth of microorganisms that can grow in the litter box.

Universal Super Benek

Available in the series: universal natural, universal compact Information: a series designed for owners of cats and other pets. A characteristic litter of brown or green-gray color, easy to clump. Its low price, while maintaining the quality and performance, makes it ideal for owners of more than one animal in the house.

Super Benek ECONOMIC

Information: the cat litter from the ECONOMIC series is a mixture of coarse and fine grains with good sorption properties and high performance. Its low price makes it competitive in comparison with other litters available on the market.

Bentonite litter – how to use it?

It is important that the litter layer is at least 5 cm thick, so that litter does not stick to the bottom of the box, while forming easy to remove clumps. How often do you need to replace the litter? Daily cleaning of the litter box involves removing clumps of litter formed in contact with urine and feces. And refilling litter, if there is less than 5 cm of the substrate in the litter box. Under normal circumstances, with one cat, you should clean the litter box and replace the entire litter at least once a month.