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"What cat food?" – this is one of the most important questions cat carers should ask. Nutrition impacts the condition and health of our pets. A multitude of products may make especially less experienced owners feel lost.   Foods can be divided into:

    • kdry foods
    • wet foods

Dry food is a popular choice among cat owners, mainly due to the convenience of serving, availability in stores and attractive value for money. Dry cat food is available in many options. Its composition is adapted to the age, activity and health needs of cats. Wet food is close to the original diet of cats, that is why it is recommended by many experts. Another advantage of this product is an increased water content, which helps to maintain proper hydration of the body.

How can you choose the best food for your cat?

Cat food, which is best? How can you decide which of the foods available on the market will be ideal for your cat? Let's start with tailoring food to the age of the cat. There is a difference between the demand for nutrients of kittens (higher wholesome protein content) and adult cats and seniors (higher fiber content). "Wet or dry food?" is also a question that you should ask yourself when choosing a diet for your pet, and for you as the owner (convenient storing, serving). You should also consider special needs of your cat: skin problems, allergies or its sensitive stomach.

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