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Wet cat foods

meat product

Complete and nutritious

All our foods are complete and contain ingredients that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body of the cat.

Rich source of vitamins and minerals

In addition, the foods are enriched with: prebiotics (inulin), vitamins: E, A, D3, H, amino acids (taurine). At the same time, they are free of colorants and preservatives.

BWide selection, also for cats with special nutritional needs

Super Benek foods are a dozen or so different flavors and recipes. Each designed by a competent team of professionals who have taken into account not only the demand for nutrients but also the taste preferences of cats.

What the cat likes to eat

Cats are carnivorous by nature, and you should keep it in mind when selecting food for them. In the natural environment, their diet consists primarily of mice, small rodents and birds.
Therefore, the diet of cats consists of at least 85% meat and
a few percent of vegetable ingredients.
Therefore, their food comprises 50-60% protein, about 30% fat, and the remainder are carbohydrates.

What food is best for the cat?

Certainly, when choosing food for your cat, make sure that it supplies all the essential nutrients needed for proper functioning. A food that is rich in protein, with a moderate fat content and a small amount of carbohydrates is worth to be considered.
Additives of vitamins and minerals are a very important component of cat food. Taurine is an essential amino acid for the cat. Its deficiency can lead to blindness, growth disorders, failure of the immune system as well as heart diseases. Vitamin D is responsible for the skeletal system, and E is a natural antioxidant. Zinc cares for the skin and coat of your pets.
Not without significance are also the taste preferences of the cat. It is not bad to be guided by them as long as you remember the above-mentioned needs of your pet.

Canned meat cat food

Super Benek meat meal is a cat food without seeds, preservatives and colorants. It is characterized by a high content of fresh meat (at least 70%). It is a gluten-free food. Foods in this line were produced from meat of the highest quality by a competent team of experts who selected food compositions with the utmost care.

Foods available in this series:

  • beef and poultry
  • turkey and duck
  • lamb and poultry

Juicy fillets in pouches

This food line is unique because of the method of meat processing. It is steamed so that each pouch is full of juicy and exceptionally tasty pieces. In addition, each portion is enriched with taurine and prebiotics (inulin, vitamin E, biotin, and zinc). The lack of preservatives and artificial colorants is also noteworthy. Each pouch contains 82% meat.

Foods available in this series:

  • turkey
  • trout
  • tuna
  • beef

Super Chunks foods in pouches

Foods in this series are complete food for adult and junior cats. High-quality ingredients were used in the manufacturing process. The production method and composition were developed by professionals and enthusiasts of cats, using the Danish manufacturing technology. Super Chunks foods are a source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Foods in this series:

  • pouches for adult cats
  • with chicken
  • with veal
  • with rabbit
  • with beef
  • pouches for juniors
  • with turkey
  • with lamb


  • beef and poultry
  • turkey and duck
  • chicken and liver

Super Benek Chunks

Complete can food, which, thanks to the addition of pieces of meat is not only tasty but also provides the necessary nutrients needed for proper growth and development of cats. Taurine contained in the food improves eyesight, vitamin E supports immunity, and zinc provides healthy skin and coat.

Foods in this series:

  • beef and poultry
  • turkey and duck
  • chicken and liver

Each type of meat has specific properties and meets the needs of cats in a slightly different way:


a moderate level of fat and a high content of easily digestible protein makes it one of the most nutritionally valuable types of meat


which has fewer calories and at the same time a high vitamin content and a preferred amino acid composition


turkey meat is recommended for cats that have lower demand for calories or should limit their intake because it is relatively low-calorie


lamb meat is particularly rich in B-complex vitamins that are needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Another advantage of this meat is a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and protein, and a low content of
saturated acids


provides complete protein and phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, calcium, and Omega-3 fatty acids


easily digestible and with a high content of nutrients. It is recommended primarily for older cats suffering from digestive problems or weakened by a disease. It is considered the safest for allergy sufferers