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Cat litter

made of dwood

Advantages and basic information

Convenient and handy

The wood litter is very lightweight, yet efficient. Seven-liter packaging of litter in the Kruszon Zbrylający version weighs less than 3 kg.

It well absorbs unpleasant odors

Aromas of pine or spruce wood create a pleasant, refreshing smell around the litter box, while absorbing the unpleasant odor of urine.

Easy to dispose of

The wood cat litter, thanks to its form and origin, can be disposed of in a toilet if local regulations allow for it. It is important to note that you can only dispose of the used portion of the litter. Do not empty the content of the entire litter box in this way. Clumps very easily disintegrate in contact with water, leaving no hazardous substances.

Wood cat litter – from what type of wood?

The wood cat litter is a product made of 100% natural materials. The base are fibers derived from coniferous trees because they have very good performance properties: they are great in absorbing liquids and odors. They are light-colored, pleasant to the touch, and do not hurt the delicate paws of cats. Importantly, by-products created in the process of manufacturing dry wood are used in the production of wood litter. To make sure that the wood is safe for animals, the raw material is controlled for its purity, origin and physico-chemical properties.

Wood litter for rodents and small animals

Although most commonly the wood litter is used in cat litter boxes, its application is much wider. Wood bedding can also be used in cages of hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits and even turtles and birds. It is recommended, when buying the wood litter for rodents, to select a non-clumping litter with a smaller pellet diameter (Pinio Compact)

Wood litter – which to choose?

The wood cat litter most often has a natural, resinous smell. Each litter is also available in scented versions.

The choice of scent depends on the tastes of the owner as well as the cat because some pets do not like scented litters.

To know what litter to choose, you must first answer the question: do you look for a clumping or non-clumping litter. The wood litter comes in both forms:

non-clumping – it is in the form of pellets or small cylinders, which disintegrate in contact with liquid and form dust that binds urine and odors. In the case of this litter, you need to remove the entire contents of the litter box after you find that litter lost its properties.

clumping – the so-called Kruszon or Pinio Compact in the form of finer litter than in the non-clumping version, which in contact with liquid forms small clumps that are removed from the litter box on a regular basis.

Super Pinio PELLETS

Available scents: natural, citrus, taiga, green tea
Information: Non-clumping cat litter. Made of microfibers of coniferous trees, without the addition of chemicals. It has excellent liquid absorption and odor binding properties. It is recommended not only for cats but also for small pets: rabbits, rodents, reptiles and birds.

Super Pinio KRUSZON

Available scents: natural, taiga, green tea, citrus
Information: Clumping wood litter. A series of litters of coniferous wood, which exhibit excellent properties of absorption of liquids as well as odors. Recommended primarily for cat litter boxes but also for small pet cages.

Super Pinio COMPACT

Available: clumping and non-clumping
Information: The Compact corn litter is in the form of pellets with a smaller grain size than in the classic version. Available in a clumping and non-clumping form.