Absorbers and neutralizers

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Freshness and pleasant smell

Odor absorption and neutralization

Why use absorbers and neutralizers?

What is the purpose of the action?

Products such as neutralizers and absorbers are agents aimed at eliminating unpleasant odors associated with the cat’s defecation as
well as increasing the efficiency and extending the life of litters.

Why is it worth it? ?

They allow you and your pet to enjoy the freshness and a pleasant atmosphere. This group of products are a specially selected complex of ingredients which bind urine, and thus the released ammonia.

What preparation should you choose?

If, in addition to absorbing unpleasant odors, you want to extend the life of your litter and increase hygiene of the substrate, it is worth choosing products in the form of pellets or powder. Spray preparations will work especially good if they are sprayed in the room where the litter box is located.

Directions for use of absorbers and neutralizers

Products in pellets:

In the litter box: sprinkle a small amount of the absorber over the litter surface, then shake the box so that the powder goes to its bottom.

Outside the litter box:sprinkle a small amount of the preparation over the dirty place around the box. After a few minutes, collect the dirt.

Spray products

After unlocking the spray nozzle, spray the preparation by pressing the handle. Direct the stream ahead or to the place of formation of odors and away from your face.

In what form is our product available?

Neutralizers are products available in the form of pellets and spray. Products available in spray bottles with a dispenser that allows for an easy application of the preparation and the use of the neutralizer as a freshener in rooms as well as in the vicinity of cat litter boxes, dog beds and rodent cages, while pellets of neutralizers as well as absorbers are perfect in litter boxes and for the spot application in places soiled by animal dirt.

Super Benek
Organic Line odor absorber

A product of 100% vegetable origin. Neutral for animals. In addition, it decomposes naturally. It can be used in litter boxes with all types of litters, or outside of the litter box on dirty surfaces. The absorber is great at neutralizing unpleasant odors, improves functionality of litters, increases efficiency, prevents sticking to the bottom of the litter box.
Available scents: natural, citrus, fresh grass.

Super Benek
Mineral line odor absorber

Mineral absorbers are products made of bentonite and are ideal for the litter boxes where the substrate is the bentonite litter. This raw material has excellent liquid and odor absorption properties. Additionally, it effectively eliminates microorganisms. And fungi as well as inhibits their development.

Available scents: neutral, lavender, green forest, sea.

Super Benek
Silica gel odor absorber

This is a product made of silica gel. Silica gel is a porous form of silicon dioxide formed synthetically from sodium silicate. Silica gel is hard and resilient, it is characterized by a high moisture absorption capacity because it has strongly hygroscopic properties.

Available scents: fruity.

Super Benek

A product whose disinfectant and neutralizing ingredients are based on natural ingredient complexes. Perfectly acceptable by animals and recommended to pet owners who want to extend the life of their litter and not to worry about unpleasant odors from the litter box.
Available scents: natural, lavender, fruity, green tea

Super Benek
Neutralizer Spray

It is a convenient agent with a dispenser, which effectively removes unpleasant odors around the litter box and throughout the home. A delicate scent lingering in the apartment after the neutralizer spray is used is pleasant to man and accepted by all animals.
Available scents: sea, aloe vera, green tea, white flowers, black grapes, exotic fruits

Super Benek
Powder for cleaning litter boxes

Cleaning preparation for litter boxes is an agent thanks to which you can remove even the most persistent dirt from litter boxes as well as cages, terrariums, aviaries and others. SUPER BENEK POWDER FOR CLEANING LITTER BOXES not only cleans and disinfects but also refreshes and leaves a pleasant scent.